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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Uri My light, my fire. Female Biblical -
Uri light Male Hebrew Urie
Uriah God is light Both Hebrew Uria
Uriah God is my light Male Hebrew -
Urian city born Male Filipino -
Urian From heaven. Male Greek -
Uriana the unknown Female Greek -
Urice Light Female Hebrew -
Uriel light of God Male Filipino -
Uriel light of God Male Hebrew Uriell
Urien Name of a king. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Urien privileged birth Male Celtic Turien, Turio
Uriens Name of a king. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Urim Lights, fires. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Urimindi N/A Male Indian -
Urisha Spreads Love Female Indian -
Urishilla Excellent Female Indian -
Urishita Firm Female Bengali -
Urishita Firm Female Indian -
Urit Light Female Hebrew -
Urja Goddess Parvati Female Hindi -
Urja Energy Female Indian -
Urja Energy; Liveliness; Power Male Indian -
Urjamedh Strong; Intelligent; Very Wise Male Indian -
Urjani Belonging to Energy Female Indian -
Urjani Lord of Strength Male Indian -
Urjashri Great Splendour Female Indian -
Urjasvin Powerful; Strong; Mighty Male Indian -
Urjaswati The Best Female Indian -
Urjaswitaa Earth Female Indian -
Urjavaha of the Nimi dynasty Male Hindu -
Urjavaha Of the Nimi Dynasty Male Indian -
Urjit Possesses Great Might Male Indian -
Urjita energetic Female Assemese -
Urjita Excited Female Indian -
Urjita Energized Male Bengali -
Urjita Energised Male Indian -
Urmi waves Female Bengali -
Urmi wave Female Filipino -
Urmi Wave Female Hindi -
Urmi Wave Female Indian -
Urmika Small wave Female Assemese -
Urmika Small Wave Female Hindi -
Urmika Small Wave Female Indian -
Urmika Small Wave Male Indian -
Urmil Wife of Lakshmana; Lord Rama's Brother Female Indian -
Urmila Enchantress Female Hindi -
Urmila wife of Lakshmana Female Hindu -
Urmila Wife of Lakshmana; Lord Rama's Brother Female Indian -
Urmilarani N/A Female Indian -
Urmimala Garland Of Waves Female Bengali -
Urmimala Garland of Waves Female Indian -
Urmish A Person with Full of Feelings Male Indian -
Urmiya Goddess of Light Female Indian -
Urmiya Lord of Light Male Indian -
Urmya Night Female Indian -
Urna Cover Female Indian -
Urooj Ascension. Male Afghan -
Urooj Ascension, Mounting Rising. Male Arabic -
Urooj Ascension, Mounting Rising Male Muslim -
Uroosa Bride, happiness Female Arabic -
Uros little lord Male Hungarian -
Urquhart From the fount on the knoll. Male Scottish -
Ursa the bear Female Filipino -
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