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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ursanne Female Old-French -
Urseline Bear. Female Latin -
Urshia One who belongs in the skies. Female Arabic -
Urshia One who belongs in the skies Female Muslim -
Urshita Firm Female Assemese -
Urshita Firm Female Indian -
Ursola Bear. Female Latin -
Ursula female bear Female Filipino -
Ursula Little Bear Female Indian -
Ursula little bear Female Latin Ursola, Ursule, Orsola, Ursa, Ursie, Orsa, Urzula
Ursule Bear. Female Latin -
Urswick 'King Richard III' Christopher Urswick, a priest. Male Shakespearean -
Uru Broad Male Indian -
Uruchakshaa Wife of Sage Marichi Female Indian -
Urugay Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Uruja Born out of the Thigh Male Indian -
Urukirti Of Far Reaching Fame Female Indian -
Urundra N/A Male Indian -
Urunjira Pleaser of Heart Female Indian -
Urva Big Female Bengali -
Urva Big Female Indian -
Urva Of the Thigh Male Indian -
Urvaksh Joyful Male Indian -
Urvang Mountain Male Indian -
Urvansh N/A Male Indian -
Urvara Fertile Earth Female Indian -
Urvashee Firm; Steady Female Indian -
Urvashi The Most Beautiful Apsara In The Universe Female Assemese -
Urvashi A Celestial Maiden Female Indian -
Urvashi The Ganges Male Indian -
Urvasi most beautiful of Apsaras Female Hindu -
Urvasi Most Beautiful of Apsaras Female Indian -
Urvee Fertile Land Female Indian -
Urvi Earth Female Assemese -
Urvi Earth Female Bengali -
Urvi Earth Female Hindi -
Urvi Earth Female Indian -
Urvija Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Urvijaa A Celestial Dancer Name Female Indian -
Urvijaya The Ganges Female Indian -
Urvir Brave Man on the Earth Male Indian -
Urvish Lord of the Earth Male Indian -
Urvisha Lord of the Earth Female Indian -
Urwah Hand-held support Male Arabic -
Urwah Support, handle Male Muslim -
Urzula Bear. Female Latin -
Usa Dawn Female Indian -
Usaamah Description of a lion Male Arabic -
Usaamah Description of a Lion Male Indian -
Usagi moon Female Japanese Usa
Usaid small lion Male Arabic -
Usaim lion cub Male Arabic -
Usaim, Usaym lion cub Male Muslim -
Usaimah Old Arabic name Female Arabic -
Usaimah, Usaymah Old Arabic name Female Muslim -
Usakirana First Light of Dawn Male Indian -
Usama lion Male Arabic -
Usama Lion Male Indian -
Usama Lion Male Muslim -
Usama, Usamah Description of a lion Male Muslim -
Usamah Male Arabic -
Usamah Description of a lion Male Muslim -
Usasti N/A Male Indian -
Usayd Little lion Male Arabic -
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