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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Purayana N/A Female Indian
Purayana N/A Male Indian
Purayita Fulfiller Male Indian
PurDel Courageous Male Afghan
Purdy N/A Male Indian
Purendu Full Moon Male Indian
Purha N/A Male Indian
Purhuti N/A Male Indian
Purim Lot. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Purisha N/A Female Indian
Purisha N/A Male Indian
Purishya N/A Female Indian
Purishya N/A Male Indian
Purity unsullied, clean Female Filipino
Purna Complete; Abundant Female Indian
Purna Fullness; Fulfilled Male Indian
Purnanada God Male Indian
Purnashri With Fortune Female Indian
Purnata Fullness Male Indian
Purnayan Who Has Born With Full Of His Mother And Father Male Assemese
Purnayan Who Has Born With Full Of His Mother And Father Male Bengali
Purnayan Who has Born with Full of his Mother and Father Male Indian
Purnendu Full Moon Male Indian
Purnima Full Moon Female Bengali
Purnima Full Moon Female Hindi
Purnima Full Moon Female Indian
Purnita Complete; Fulfilled Female Indian
Purobi A Raga Female Indian
Purohit A Brahmin Priest Male Indian
Purshottam Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Purshottam; Purushottam Best Man Male Assemese
Purshottam; Purushottam Best Man Male Bengali
Purti Purification; To Satisfy Female Indian
Puru Abundant; Name of a King Male Indian
Puruja N/A Male Indian
Purujit Conqueror Of City Male Bengali
Purujit conqueror of many Male Hindu
Purujit Conqueror of City Male Indian
Purumitra Friend Of City Male Assemese
Purumitra Friend of City Male Indian
Purunitha N/A Female Indian
Pururava The Founder of Chandra Dynasty Male Indian
Pururavas N/A Male Indian
Purush Spirit; Person; Being Male Indian
Purusha Spirit; Person; Being Male Indian
Purushendra Chief of Men; Lord of Beings Male Indian
Purushottam Highest of Beings Male Indian
Purushottama Highest of Beings Male Indian
Puruvas Omnipresent Male Indian
Puruvi From the East Female Indian
Puruvi Fulfiller; Eastern Male Indian
Purva east Female Assemese
Purva East Female Hindi
Purva Female Hindu
Purva East; Elder Female Indian
Purva East Male Indian
Purvagna N/A Male Indian
Purvaj Elder Male Indian
Purvaja elder sister Female Hindu
Purvaja Elder Sister Female Indian
Purvang N/A Male Indian
Purvani Full Moon Female Indian
Purvansh Purv Disha; Sun Male Indian
Purvee Fulfiller; One That Satiates Female Indian
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