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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Purvendu Name of Sun Male Indian
Purvesh Earth Male Indian
Purvi From the east Female Assemese
Purvi From the east Female Bengali
Purvi From The East Female Hindi
Purvi Female Hindu
Purvi From the East Female Indian
Purvika Orient; Formerly Female Indian
Purvis provide Female French
Purya Worthy of Fulfilment Female Indian
Purya Worthy of Fulfilment Male Indian
Pusa N/A Male Indian
Pusan A Sage Male Assemese
Pusan A Sage Male Bengali
Pusan a sage Male Hindu
Pusan A Sage Male Indian
Pusha Nourishing Female Hindi
Pusha Nourishing Female Indian
Pushaan N/A Male Indian
Pushan Nourisher Male Indian
Pushka N/A Female Indian
Pushka N/A Male Indian
Pushkal Lord Shiva Male Indian
Pushkala Abundant; Full Female Indian
Pushkala Abundant; Full Male Indian
Pushkar Lotus; A Lake Male Assemese
Pushkar Lotus; A Lake Male Indian
Pushkara Like the Blue Lotus Male Indian
Pushkari Like the Blue Lotus Female Indian
Pushkarinee Elder Sister Female Indian
Pushkarini Lake Having Lotus Flowers Female Indian
Pushp Flower Male Bengali
Pushp Flower Male Indian
Pushp-Mitra An Ancient Ruler Male Assemese
Pushp-mitra An Ancient Ruler Male Indian
Pushpa Flower; Blossom Female Bengali
Pushpa Flower Female Hindi
Pushpa Flower Female Indian
Pushpa Flower Male Indian
Pushpaanjali Nourishing Female Indian
Pushpabhav The Nectar of Flowers Male Indian
Pushpad Who who Gives Flowers Male Indian
Pushpagandha Juhi Flower Female Indian
Pushpahas Name from Vishnu Sahstranaam; 1000 Names of Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Pushpaj Born from a Flower Male Indian
Pushpaja Born from a Flower; Daughter of Flowers Female Indian
Pushpaja Born from a Flower; Nectar Male Indian
Pushpak Mythical Vehicle Of Lord Vishnu Male Assemese
Pushpak Mythical Vehicle of Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Pushpakala Flower Female Indian
Pushpakali From the East Female Indian
Pushpakanta Flower Bud Female Indian
Pushpakar The Spring Season (vasant ), Flower Season Male Bengali
Pushpakar The Spring Season; Vasant; Flower Season Male Indian
Pushpaketu Kamdev; Cupid Male Indian
Pushpaki Mythical Vehicle of Lord Vishnu Female Indian
Pushpalata flower creeper Female Assemese
Pushpalata flower creeper Female Bengali
Pushpalata Flower Creeper Female Indian
Pushpalatha Flower Offering Female Indian
Pushpam Flower Female Indian
Pushpam Lotus Eyed; Flower Male Indian
Pushpamala Garland of Flowers Female Indian
Pushpambhu Honey; Nectar Male Indian
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