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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Punthali A Doll Female Indian
Punthea gentle spirit Female Cambodian
Punya Virtuous Female Assemese
Punya Virtuous Female Hindi
Punya Virtuous Female Indian
Punya Original; Pious; Purification Acquired by Virtuous Deeds Male Indian
Punyabhajin Partaking of Virtue; Blissful Male Indian
Punyabhajini Partaking of Virtue; Blissful Female Indian
Punyabharita Filled with Virtue Male Indian
Punyabrata N/A Female Indian
Punyabrata Dedicated to the Good Male Indian
Punyageha N/A Female Indian
Punyajit Gained by Virtue Male Indian
Punyaka N/A Female Indian
Punyakoti Name of a holy cow. Male Assemese
Punyakoti Name of a holy cow. Male Bengali
Punyaloka Sita and Draupadi Female Indian
Punyanaman A Doll Female Indian
Punyapriya A Loving Person Female Indian
Punyashila Having a Virtuous Character Female Indian
Punyashila Having a Virtuous Character Male Indian
Punyasloka Virtuous Female Indian
Punyasloka Sacred Verse Male Indian
Punyata Blessings Gained for Good Work Female Indian
Punyata N/A Male Indian
Punyatam Pure; Soul; Virtuous Male Indian
Punyatrina N/A Female Indian
Punyatva N/A Female Indian
Punyatva N/A Male Indian
Punyavan Virtuous Male Indian
Punyavati Virtuous Female Indian
Pupri N/A Male Indian
Pur Lot. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Purab East Male Indian
Purabi N/A Female Indian
Puradhana N/A Female Indian
Purahan Lord Shiva Male Bengali
Purahan Lord Shiva Male Indian
Purajana N/A Female Indian
Purajana N/A Male Indian
Purajit Lord Shiva Male Indian
Purala Durga Female Indian
Puramalini Garlanded with Castles Female Indian
Purambhi N/A Female Indian
Puran Complete Male Assemese
Puran Complete Male Indian
Purandar Lord Indra Male Indian
Purandara The Destroyer of Cities or Defenses Male Indian
Purandhri Same as Gayatri Female Assemese
Purandhri Same as Gayatri Female Indian
Purandhri Lord Shiva Male Indian
Purandu N/A Male Indian
Purani Fulfilling; Completing; Another Name for Durga Female Indian
Puranjan The Embodiment of Life Male Indian
Puranjana The Embodiment of Life Male Indian
Puranjani The Embodiment of Life Female Indian
Puranjay Male Hindu
Puranjay Lord Shiva Male Indian
Puraphala N/A Female Indian
Purari N/A Female Indian
Purari The Enemy of Cities Male Indian
Purav Chanting Voice From East At Sunrise Male Assemese
Purav Chanting Voice from East at Sunrise Male Indian
Puravi A Rage Female Indian
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