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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ut last Female Vietnamese -
Uta fortunate maid of battle Female German Ute
Uta song; melody Male Japanese -
Utah people of the mountain Both Filipino -
Utalika Wave Female Bengali -
Utalika Wave Female Hindi -
Utalika Wave Female Indian -
Utalita Opened; Blossoming; Brilliant Female Indian -
Utanika Desire; Longing Female Indian -
Utanka Warmth Female Indian -
Utanka A Disciple of Th Sage Veda Male Indian -
Utano field of songs Female Japanese -
Utathya N/A Male Indian -
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith Female Arabic -
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith Female Muslim -
Utbah Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Utbah Old Arabic Name Male Indian -
Utbah Old Arabic name Male Muslim -
Utgard Loki A mythical king of the giants. Male Norse -
Uthal Name of a mountain Male Arabic -
Uthal Name of a mountain Male Muslim -
Uthaman Truthful Male Assemese -
Uthaman Truthful Male Bengali -
Uthami honest Female Assemese -
Uthami Honest Female Indian -
Uthaya N/A Male Indian -
Uther Arthur's father. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Uthira N/A Female Indian -
Uthkal Son of Dhruva Male Indian -
Uthkarsh Excellence.Wellbeing. Uthkrushta-Superior. Best. Eminent. Male Bengali -
Uthman Name of the third Caliph Male Arabic -
Uthman A friend of Muhammad. Male Egyptian -
Uthman A Baby Bustard Bird; Name of the Third Khalifah of Muslims Male Indian -
Uthman Young animal Male Muslim -
Uthsah Zeal. Male Assemese -
Utkal N/A Male Indian -
Utkala N/A Female Indian -
Utkanti Excessive Splendour Female Indian -
Utkarana N/A Male Indian -
Utkarika Made of a Precious Metal Female Indian -
Utkarsa Eminent Male Indian -
Utkarsh Happyness Female Indian -
Utkarsh Prosperity; Awakening Male Indian -
Utkarsha Proud Female Indian -
Utkarsha Advancement Male Bengali -
Utkarsha Advancement Male Indian -
Utkarshraj The Ruler Whose Time is Marked by Prosperity and Advancement Male Indian -
Utkartini Fulfilling One's Ambitions Female Indian -
Utkasa N/A Male Indian -
Utkhala Perfume Female Indian -
Utkhala N/A Male Indian -
Utkila N/A Male Indian -
Utkrisht N/A Male Indian -
Utkrishta Perfect; Superior Male Indian -
Utkrusht N/A Male Indian -
Utkrushta Superior; Best; Eminent Male Indian -
Utkuja A Cooling Note Female Indian -
Utpal Beginning; A water lily; Blue Lotus Male Bengali -
Utpal Water Lily; Fleshless; Lotus Male Indian -
Utpala Lotus Female Bengali -
Utpala Filled With Lotuses; A River Female Hindi -
Utpala Lotus Female Indian -
Utpala Full of Blossom Male Indian -
Utpalaakshee Best Female Indian -
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