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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Farzin / Farzeen Learned, Queen of chess. Male Afghan -
Fateh Conqueror. Male Afghan -
Fatemah Daughter of the prophet Muhammad. Female Afghan -
Fathullah Victory granted by God. Male Afghan -
Fattah The one who opens. Male Afghan -
Fattanah Beautiful, charming, captivating. Female Afghan -
Fawad / Fuad Heart. Male Afghan -
Fawzia Triumphant, successful, victorious. Female Afghan -
Fayaz Bountiful. Male Afghan -
Fayeq / Faiq Excellent, outstanding, distinguished. Male Afghan -
Fayeqah Excellent, outstanding, Female of Fayeq. Female Afghan -
Fazel Favour, grace, excellence, merit, learning. Male Afghan -
Fazela Learned,scholarly, surplus. Female of Fazel. Female Afghan -
FazelRabi Bounty of my Lord. Male Afghan -
FazlulHaq Bounty of the Truth. Male Afghan -
Fazlullah Bounty of God. Male Afghan -
Feraidoon A character in Shahnamah . Male Afghan -
Ferdaws / Ferdows Heaven, Paradise. Male Afghan -
Fereshtah Angel. Female Afghan -
Firooz Victorious. Male Afghan -
Firoozah / Feroza Turquoise. Female Afghan -
Forogh Brightness. Female Afghan -
Forozan Luminous, bright. Female Afghan -
Forozendah Luminous,shining. Female Afghan -
Gawhar Gem, jewel, pearl, essence, origin. Male Afghan -
Geeso / Gisoo (Woman's) hair; ringlet, tress. Female Afghan -
Ghafar / Ghaffar Most forgiving. Male Afghan -
Ghafoor / Ghafur Most forgiving. Male Afghan -
Ghaleb / Ghalib Prevailing, conquering. Male Afghan -
Ghamzah Ogling, amorous glance. Female Afghan -
Ghani Free from want, Rich, Rich man. Male Afghan -
Gharib / Ghareeb Poor, need, humble; stranger, foreign. Male Afghan -
Ghaws / Ghaus Assistance, Help, Companionship. Male Afghan -
Ghayoor Zealous, jealous, intolerant of rivalr. Male Afghan -
Ghazal Gazelle. Female Afghan -
Ghazalah Gazelle. Female Afghan -
Ghazanfar Lion. Male Afghan -
Ghazi Warriors who fought for Islam. Male Afghan -
Ghazwan Warrior. Male Afghan -
Ghias / Ghiaas Redress of grievances. Male Afghan -
GhiasUdin Helper of the religion. Male Afghan -
Ghonchah / Ghunchah Bud of flower. Female Afghan -
Ghullam / Ghulam slave, lad, servant. Male Afghan -
Gita / Geeta (Hinduism) the sacred 'song of God'. Female Afghan -
Giti / Geti World, universe. Female Afghan -
Gul Badan Beauty body, resemble rose. Female Afghan -
Gul-Chehrah Rose - cheeked Female Afghan -
Gul-Jan Flower life. Female Afghan -
Gulab Rose-Water . Male Afghan -
Gulalay Gorgeous??? Female Afghan -
Gulbahar / Golbahar Spring flower. Female Afghan -
Guli / Goli Rose-coloured, Rosy. Female Afghan -
Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate tree. Female Afghan -
Gulnaz Cute like a flower. Female Afghan -
Gulnessa Look as a flower Female Afghan -
Gulpari Flower angel. Female Afghan -
Gulriz / Gulrez Rose-sprinkler. Female Afghan -
Gulshan Flower-garden. Female Afghan -
GulShan Flower-Garden Male Afghan -
Gulyar Flower's friend . Male Afghan -
Gulzar Flower-garden. Female Afghan -
Gulzar Rose-Garden. Male Afghan -
Habib Friend, Darling, Lover, Beloved .. Male Afghan -
Habibah Beloved, sweetheart. Female of Habib. Female Afghan -
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