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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Farzin / Farzeen Learned, Queen of chess. Male Afghan
Fateh Conqueror. Male Afghan
Fatemah Daughter of the prophet Muhammad. Female Afghan
Fathullah Victory granted by God. Male Afghan
Fattah The one who opens. Male Afghan
Fattanah Beautiful, charming, captivating. Female Afghan
Fawad / Fuad Heart. Male Afghan
Fawzia Triumphant, successful, victorious. Female Afghan
Fayaz Bountiful. Male Afghan
Fayeq / Faiq Excellent, outstanding, distinguished. Male Afghan
Fayeqah Excellent, outstanding, Female of Fayeq. Female Afghan
Fazel Favour, grace, excellence, merit, learning. Male Afghan
Fazela Learned,scholarly, surplus. Female of Fazel. Female Afghan
FazelRabi Bounty of my Lord. Male Afghan
FazlulHaq Bounty of the Truth. Male Afghan
Fazlullah Bounty of God. Male Afghan
Feraidoon A character in Shahnamah . Male Afghan
Ferdaws / Ferdows Heaven, Paradise. Male Afghan
Fereshtah Angel. Female Afghan
Firooz Victorious. Male Afghan
Firoozah / Feroza Turquoise. Female Afghan
Forogh Brightness. Female Afghan
Forozan Luminous, bright. Female Afghan
Forozendah Luminous,shining. Female Afghan
Gawhar Gem, jewel, pearl, essence, origin. Male Afghan
Geeso / Gisoo (Woman's) hair; ringlet, tress. Female Afghan
Ghafar / Ghaffar Most forgiving. Male Afghan
Ghafoor / Ghafur Most forgiving. Male Afghan
Ghaleb / Ghalib Prevailing, conquering. Male Afghan
Ghamzah Ogling, amorous glance. Female Afghan
Ghani Free from want, Rich, Rich man. Male Afghan
Gharib / Ghareeb Poor, need, humble; stranger, foreign. Male Afghan
Ghaws / Ghaus Assistance, Help, Companionship. Male Afghan
Ghayoor Zealous, jealous, intolerant of rivalr. Male Afghan
Ghazal Gazelle. Female Afghan
Ghazalah Gazelle. Female Afghan
Ghazanfar Lion. Male Afghan
Ghazi Warriors who fought for Islam. Male Afghan
Ghazwan Warrior. Male Afghan
Ghias / Ghiaas Redress of grievances. Male Afghan
GhiasUdin Helper of the religion. Male Afghan
Ghonchah / Ghunchah Bud of flower. Female Afghan
Ghullam / Ghulam slave, lad, servant. Male Afghan
Gita / Geeta (Hinduism) the sacred 'song of God'. Female Afghan
Giti / Geti World, universe. Female Afghan
Gul Badan Beauty body, resemble rose. Female Afghan
Gul-Chehrah Rose - cheeked Female Afghan
Gul-Jan Flower life. Female Afghan
Gulab Rose-Water . Male Afghan
Gulalay Gorgeous??? Female Afghan
Gulbahar / Golbahar Spring flower. Female Afghan
Guli / Goli Rose-coloured, Rosy. Female Afghan
Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate tree. Female Afghan
Gulnaz Cute like a flower. Female Afghan
Gulnessa Look as a flower Female Afghan
Gulpari Flower angel. Female Afghan
Gulriz / Gulrez Rose-sprinkler. Female Afghan
Gulshan Flower-garden. Female Afghan
GulShan Flower-Garden Male Afghan
Gulyar Flower's friend . Male Afghan
Gulzar Flower-garden. Female Afghan
Gulzar Rose-Garden. Male Afghan
Habib Friend, Darling, Lover, Beloved .. Male Afghan
Habibah Beloved, sweetheart. Female of Habib. Female Afghan
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