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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Anwar / Anvar Beams of Light. Male Afghan -
Aqela Wise, intelligent, of ripe years, elderly. Female Afghan -
Ara Ornament, decoration. Female Afghan -
Arash A heroic archer of Persian tradition and folklore. Male Afghan -
Aref Wise, intelligent. Male Afghan -
Arezo / Arezu / Arzu Wish, desire, aspiration, ideal, hope. Female Afghan -
Arghawan Judas - tree, purple. Female Afghan -
Arian / Aryan Aryan nation. Male Afghan -
Arjomand / Arjomand Bountiful. Male Afghan -
Armaghan Souvenir, present, gift. Female Afghan -
Arman Ideal, hope, aspiration. Male Afghan -
Armin A character in Shahnamah. Male Afghan -
Aroon / Aaron / Haroon Lofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother. Male Afghan -
Aroos Bride. Female Afghan -
Arsalan Lion. Male Afghan -
Asad Lion. Male Afghan -
Asadullah Lion of God. Male Afghan -
Asal Honey. Female Afghan -
Asef / Asif Forgiveness. Male Afghan -
Asefa Pure, virtuous, spotless. Female of Asef. Female Afghan -
Asghar Smaller. Male Afghan -
Asheq / Ashiq Adorer, lover, suitor. Male Afghan -
Ashequllah Adore of God. Male Afghan -
Ashkan The founder of an Persian dynasty. Male Afghan -
Ashraf More honourable, most distinguished. Male Afghan -
Asil / Aseel Of noble origin, highborn, pure. Male Afghan -
Askar Troop. Male Afghan -
Aslam Safer, Freer. Male Afghan -
Atar Perfumer, perfume vendor. Male Afghan -
Atash Fire. Male Afghan -
Ataullah Gift of God. Male Afghan -
Atef / Atif Compassionate, affectionate, sympathetic. Male Afghan -
Atefa Feeling, kind feeling, sentiment. Female of Atef. Female Afghan -
Atiq / Ateeq Older, Ancient, Noble. Male Afghan -
Atiqa / Ateeqa Antique, relic, old or antique. Female of Atiq. Female Afghan -
Atoosa Name of an ancient persian princess . Female Afghan -
Awa / Ava Voice, call. Female Afghan -
Awiza (Earring with a) pendant, vermiform appendix. Female Afghan -
Ayob / Ayub A Prophet, the biblical Job. Male Afghan -
Azad Free. Male Afghan -
Azadah Free (born), noble, free from care. Female Afghan -
Azam Greater, greatest, more important. Male Afghan -
Azim Great, Mighty. Male Afghan -
Azin Decoration. Female Afghan -
Azita Name of an ancient persian princess. Female Afghan -
Aziz Dear. Male Afghan -
Aziza Dear, honoured, powerful, darling. Female of Aziz. Female Afghan -
Azizullah Dear to God. Male Afghan -
Baaqi Permanent, everlasting, eternal. Male Afghan -
Badi Wondrous Male Afghan -
Bahadur Brave, Bold, Magnanimous. Male Afghan -
Bahar Spring. Female Afghan -
Baharah (wool) produced in the spring. Female Afghan -
Baharak Small spring. Female Afghan -
Bahaudin Glow of the religion. Male Afghan -
Bahman Name of the 11th month of the persian calender. Male Afghan -
Bahram Planet Mars. Male Afghan -
Bakht-Awar Lucky, Fortunate. Male Afghan -
Bakhtiar Fortunate, lucky. Male Afghan -
Baktash Servant of king or cheif of tribe. Male Afghan -
Bano / Banoo Lady. Female Afghan -
Baqer / Baker Fierce lion, abounding in knowledge, learned. Male Afghan -
Barakat Blessings, good fortunes, prosperities. Male Afghan -
Barakatullah Blessing of God. Male Afghan -
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