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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Anwar / Anvar Beams of Light. Male Afghan
Aqela Wise, intelligent, of ripe years, elderly. Female Afghan
Ara Ornament, decoration. Female Afghan
Arash A heroic archer of Persian tradition and folklore. Male Afghan
Aref Wise, intelligent. Male Afghan
Arezo / Arezu / Arzu Wish, desire, aspiration, ideal, hope. Female Afghan
Arghawan Judas - tree, purple. Female Afghan
Arian / Aryan Aryan nation. Male Afghan
Arjomand / Arjomand Bountiful. Male Afghan
Armaghan Souvenir, present, gift. Female Afghan
Arman Ideal, hope, aspiration. Male Afghan
Armin A character in Shahnamah. Male Afghan
Aroon / Aaron / Haroon Lofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother. Male Afghan
Aroos Bride. Female Afghan
Arsalan Lion. Male Afghan
Asad Lion. Male Afghan
Asadullah Lion of God. Male Afghan
Asal Honey. Female Afghan
Asef / Asif Forgiveness. Male Afghan
Asefa Pure, virtuous, spotless. Female of Asef. Female Afghan
Asghar Smaller. Male Afghan
Asheq / Ashiq Adorer, lover, suitor. Male Afghan
Ashequllah Adore of God. Male Afghan
Ashkan The founder of an Persian dynasty. Male Afghan
Ashraf More honourable, most distinguished. Male Afghan
Asil / Aseel Of noble origin, highborn, pure. Male Afghan
Askar Troop. Male Afghan
Aslam Safer, Freer. Male Afghan
Atar Perfumer, perfume vendor. Male Afghan
Atash Fire. Male Afghan
Ataullah Gift of God. Male Afghan
Atef / Atif Compassionate, affectionate, sympathetic. Male Afghan
Atefa Feeling, kind feeling, sentiment. Female of Atef. Female Afghan
Atiq / Ateeq Older, Ancient, Noble. Male Afghan
Atiqa / Ateeqa Antique, relic, old or antique. Female of Atiq. Female Afghan
Atoosa Name of an ancient persian princess . Female Afghan
Awa / Ava Voice, call. Female Afghan
Awiza (Earring with a) pendant, vermiform appendix. Female Afghan
Ayob / Ayub A Prophet, the biblical Job. Male Afghan
Azad Free. Male Afghan
Azadah Free (born), noble, free from care. Female Afghan
Azam Greater, greatest, more important. Male Afghan
Azim Great, Mighty. Male Afghan
Azin Decoration. Female Afghan
Azita Name of an ancient persian princess. Female Afghan
Aziz Dear. Male Afghan
Aziza Dear, honoured, powerful, darling. Female of Aziz. Female Afghan
Azizullah Dear to God. Male Afghan
Baaqi Permanent, everlasting, eternal. Male Afghan
Badi Wondrous Male Afghan
Bahadur Brave, Bold, Magnanimous. Male Afghan
Bahar Spring. Female Afghan
Baharah (wool) produced in the spring. Female Afghan
Baharak Small spring. Female Afghan
Bahaudin Glow of the religion. Male Afghan
Bahman Name of the 11th month of the persian calender. Male Afghan
Bahram Planet Mars. Male Afghan
Bakht-Awar Lucky, Fortunate. Male Afghan
Bakhtiar Fortunate, lucky. Male Afghan
Baktash Servant of king or cheif of tribe. Male Afghan
Bano / Banoo Lady. Female Afghan
Baqer / Baker Fierce lion, abounding in knowledge, learned. Male Afghan
Barakat Blessings, good fortunes, prosperities. Male Afghan
Barakatullah Blessing of God. Male Afghan
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