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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Barialay Succesful. Male Afghan -
Basel Brave, bold, valiant. Male Afghan -
Baser Seeing, wise. Male Afghan -
Baset Stretches, enlarges. Male Afghan -
Bashir / Basheer Bringer of Good News. Male Afghan -
Bashira Bringer of good news; female of Bashir. Female Afghan -
Basim / Baseem Smiling. Male Afghan -
Basir / Baseer Perspicacious, Sage , Sagasious. Male Afghan -
Basira Sagacious, endowed with insight, fem. of Basir. Female Afghan -
Begum Lady of rank. Female Afghan -
Behbood Well - being, welfare, improvement, recovery. Female Afghan -
Behnam Reputable. Male Afghan -
Behnaz Best coquetry. Female Afghan -
Behrang Good Color. Male Afghan -
Behrooz Fortunate, lucky. Male Afghan -
Behrukh / Behrokh Nice face. Female Afghan -
Behzad Good race, Of noble birth. Male Afghan -
Belal Water, moisture, freshness, river, sea. Male Afghan -
Belqis / Belqees Queen of Saba. Female Afghan -
Beltoon Separation. Male Afghan -
Benafsha A flower (Violet). Female Afghan -
Benyamin Name of brother of prophet Yousus / josef Male Afghan -
Besharat Good news, glad tidings. Male Afghan -
Beta / Bita Unique. Female Afghan -
BiBi Matron, venerable lady, grandmother. Female Afghan -
Bidar / Bedar Wakeful, attentive, enlightened. Male Afghan -
Bijan / Bizhan A character in Shahnameh. Male Afghan -
Bina / Beena That can see, not blind, clear - sighted. Female Afghan -
Bina / Beena Wise, sighted. Male Afghan -
Bolour Crystal, cut - glass, flint - glass. Female Afghan -
Boosah Kiss. Female Afghan -
Boostan Garden, orchard. Female Afghan -
Bostan Garden. Male Afghan -
BulBul Nightingale. Male Afghan -
Burhan Proof, evidence. Male Afghan -
Burhanudin Proof of the religion. Male Afghan -
Camella Variant Of The Flower Name Camellia. Female Afghan -
Camellia Flower name Camelia, Helper to the Priest. Female Afghan -
Camila Free born. Female Afghan -
Chaman Lawn, grass. Female Afghan -
Chaman-Gul Lawn of Flower. Male Afghan -
Changiz Mongol Empire. Male Afghan -
Chehrah Face, cheek, countenance. Female Afghan -
Cheragh-Ali Light of honourable. Male Afghan -
Cirus /Cyrus Kourosh, Ancient King of Iran. Male Afghan -
Cobra / Kobra Major. Female Afghan -
Daana Wise, learned. Male Afghan -
Daanesh /Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science. Male Afghan -
Dalir / Delir / Deleer Brave, valiant. Male Afghan -
Daraa Possessor, sovereign. Male Afghan -
Darioush Ancient Persian King. Male Afghan -
Darwish / Darwesh Poor, Holy man. Male Afghan -
Darya Sea. Female Afghan -
Dastgir / Dastgeer Arrested, captured, who gives relief to others. Male Afghan -
Dawar / Davar Ruler, judge. Male Afghan -
Dawood / Daud / David A Prophet's name. Male Afghan -
Del / Dil Heart. Male Afghan -
DelAfrooz Captivating, attractive. Male Afghan -
Delara Beloved, who decorates heart. Female Afghan -
Delaram Sweetheart, lovely. Female Afghan -
Delawar Warrior , Knight , Gallant , Brave , Hero. Male Afghan -
Delbar Charming, coquesttish,sweetheart. Female Afghan -
Deldaar Charming, beloved. Male Afghan -
Delkash Fascinating, winsome, attractive. Female Afghan -
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