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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Barialay Succesful. Male Afghan
Basel Brave, bold, valiant. Male Afghan
Baser Seeing, wise. Male Afghan
Baset Stretches, enlarges. Male Afghan
Bashir / Basheer Bringer of Good News. Male Afghan
Bashira Bringer of good news; female of Bashir. Female Afghan
Basim / Baseem Smiling. Male Afghan
Basir / Baseer Perspicacious, Sage , Sagasious. Male Afghan
Basira Sagacious, endowed with insight, fem. of Basir. Female Afghan
Begum Lady of rank. Female Afghan
Behbood Well - being, welfare, improvement, recovery. Female Afghan
Behnam Reputable. Male Afghan
Behnaz Best coquetry. Female Afghan
Behrang Good Color. Male Afghan
Behrooz Fortunate, lucky. Male Afghan
Behrukh / Behrokh Nice face. Female Afghan
Behzad Good race, Of noble birth. Male Afghan
Belal Water, moisture, freshness, river, sea. Male Afghan
Belqis / Belqees Queen of Saba. Female Afghan
Beltoon Separation. Male Afghan
Benafsha A flower (Violet). Female Afghan
Benyamin Name of brother of prophet Yousus / josef Male Afghan
Besharat Good news, glad tidings. Male Afghan
Beta / Bita Unique. Female Afghan
BiBi Matron, venerable lady, grandmother. Female Afghan
Bidar / Bedar Wakeful, attentive, enlightened. Male Afghan
Bijan / Bizhan A character in Shahnameh. Male Afghan
Bina / Beena That can see, not blind, clear - sighted. Female Afghan
Bina / Beena Wise, sighted. Male Afghan
Bolour Crystal, cut - glass, flint - glass. Female Afghan
Boosah Kiss. Female Afghan
Boostan Garden, orchard. Female Afghan
Bostan Garden. Male Afghan
BulBul Nightingale. Male Afghan
Burhan Proof, evidence. Male Afghan
Burhanudin Proof of the religion. Male Afghan
Camella Variant Of The Flower Name Camellia. Female Afghan
Camellia Flower name Camelia, Helper to the Priest. Female Afghan
Camila Free born. Female Afghan
Chaman Lawn, grass. Female Afghan
Chaman-Gul Lawn of Flower. Male Afghan
Changiz Mongol Empire. Male Afghan
Chehrah Face, cheek, countenance. Female Afghan
Cheragh-Ali Light of honourable. Male Afghan
Cirus /Cyrus Kourosh, Ancient King of Iran. Male Afghan
Cobra / Kobra Major. Female Afghan
Daana Wise, learned. Male Afghan
Daanesh /Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science. Male Afghan
Dalir / Delir / Deleer Brave, valiant. Male Afghan
Daraa Possessor, sovereign. Male Afghan
Darioush Ancient Persian King. Male Afghan
Darwish / Darwesh Poor, Holy man. Male Afghan
Darya Sea. Female Afghan
Dastgir / Dastgeer Arrested, captured, who gives relief to others. Male Afghan
Dawar / Davar Ruler, judge. Male Afghan
Dawood / Daud / David A Prophet's name. Male Afghan
Del / Dil Heart. Male Afghan
DelAfrooz Captivating, attractive. Male Afghan
Delara Beloved, who decorates heart. Female Afghan
Delaram Sweetheart, lovely. Female Afghan
Delawar Warrior , Knight , Gallant , Brave , Hero. Male Afghan
Delbar Charming, coquesttish,sweetheart. Female Afghan
Deldaar Charming, beloved. Male Afghan
Delkash Fascinating, winsome, attractive. Female Afghan
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